Before Build or Buy Your Dreams Home

One of the most important parts of a house and any living space is the furniture, without it the spaces will not be beautiful, functional or comfortable, that is why we have to start giving it the importance they deserve in our new home project and start designing or looking for a house in relation to these, Why?, because when you imagine your bedroom, your living room, your dining room, you imagine or dream every space in use and sharing it with family and friends, reality and unfortunately in many cases and in our experience, what you dreamed is not what you get, because the dining table you had in mind does not fit in the dining room, that beautiful sofa is 1’ foot bigger for your living room and that bedroom set does not fit in your bedroom wall.

The 80% of the house projects that we have furnished for more than 30 Years in Khamila Furniture Boutique, have these small issues but at the end big problems, and we have noticed why, and it’s because the Architect, Builder and Interior Designer rarely talk to each other during the process of the project, which leaves us in a situation of problems due to missed communication that needs to be solved by the homeowner, problems that could have been prevented with 10 minutes of analysis and with the right advice.

So before building or buying the house of your dreams, please have in mind the Furniture you will want to use, how you want to live each space and with who and how many people you want to share these, having in mind this aspects will make your life easier when furnishing each space.

So once you are re At Khamila Furniture Boutique We will be more than happy to share with you Our experience and knowledge to make your dreams home project process smoother.