“Handle with care”


As Enthusiastic Shoppers we are always looking for one step-up quality, value or famous brand items, we believe that higher the price tag, more valuable and better quality these products are, in the 95% of the cases that’s true, but with luxury items like High-End Home Furniture among others you are buying as well, status, power, meaning, scarcity, exclusivity and position. 

Have you ever thought why those $4K Louis Vuitton hand bags, that $20K Mink Fur Coat, that $30K Rolex watch or that $300K exotic Ferrari that have been with us for a long long time,  still looking like the first day we bought it. Well the 50% is thanks of their excellent quality and materials and the other 50% have to be with “HOW YOU HANDLE AND TAKE CARE OF THEM”, unconsciously we are more careful with items that cost us more money because behind that expense there are a lot of working hours, sacrifices and choices that give us the opportunity to purchase those incredible items. So, do you think that your $10K Dining Room Set, that beautiful $8K Italian leather sectional and your $6K Bedroom set deserves to be treated with the same care as any other luxury item?


For sure you will not take your Louis Vuitton hand bag to a pool party or put your  Mink Fur coat in the washing machine or take that Rolex for rock climbing adventures, and for sure you will never take that Ferrari to an off-road trail. Because you understand that luxury items require more care than the lower end products. That is because each of these pieces are made with fine materials and are meant to be handle as a luxury item with and specific use.


So why would you let someone jump on your beautiful $8k Italian leather Sectional, or let someone use a $1K high-end dining chair in the outdoors or for commercial use?, and this is just a few examples of what we have seen as a High-End Furniture Store, from rugs that have been damaged by our lovely pets up to  Dining chairs that had been used for other purposes.